Rainwater bladder tank – Pillow type

Rainwater bladder tank – Pillow type


Under House/ Under Deck Rainwater Bladder Tanks

As homes become larger and block sizes become increasingly smaller, it is important to use what space you have effectively.
As society looks for alternatives and smarter ways of doing things, designing smart homes and schools using solar power, double glazed windows, smarter insulation and more energy efficient light bulbs (just to name few examples), why not look for other, smarter, ways to store water.

Traditionally in Australia the method for storing water has been hard corrugated iron or Plastic tanks. These tanks are synonymous with the Australian landscape.  Although robust these tanks take up a lot of usable space that could be used for other endeavours.

PLEASE NOTE: All the prices listed are for NON-POTABLE bladders. If you are after a Potable (Drinking Water) bladder, please contact our team to get a quote. 

Why choose a rainwater bladder over a standard rigid tank?

We produce flexible water bladders that can be installed easily under stumped buildings, decks, basements or even just on the ground, made to order, or standard sizes ranging between 1000 L and 40,000 L. Our bladders can be adapted to service toilets, laundries, gardens, vegetable patches and drinking water, as well as many more applications.

  1. Cost:  A flexible rainwater bladder costs a fraction of the price of a rigid tank.
  2. Space Saving:  A flexible rainwater bladder can be installed in places where hard tanks cannot to allow open space to be used more effectively.
  3. Customisation: Flexible Rainwater Bladders can be adapted to cope with multiple inlets and outlets with ease, far easier than a rigid tank.
  4. Longevity: Despite conjecture Rainwater Bladders are UV stabilized which means they do not break down once exposed to direct sunlight and yes, the warranty periods are the same as for hard rigid tanks.
  5. Installation expense: Flexible Rainwater Bladders are a fraction of the weight (which means less labour) and the installation areas are out of the way, which means there is no need for additional infrastructure such as fences and metres of PVC pipes laced around the installation area.

We at Fleximake pride ourselves on producing the best value for money Australian made product.

All our bladders can be customized as you require. We can change the standard dimensions, shape of the tank, fittings and fitting positions upon request. Please note, some customisation(s) are subject to an extra cost. Please contact us for further information. 

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 24 × 9 cm
Tank Size

1.0mW x 3.0mL x 0.45mH ( 800 Litres), 1.0mW x 4.0mL x 0.45mH ( 1100 Litres), 1.0mW x 5.0mL x 0.45mH ( 1400 Litres), 1.0mW x 6.0mL x 0.45mH ( 1650 Litres)

Potable / Non Potable

Potable, Non Potable

Filling Configuration

Bottom FIll, Top Fill, Side Fill


90mm, 100mm


25mm, 32mm

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