Hanging water bladder tank(70L) for new model Ford Ranger 2015 and up FR70H

Hanging water bladder tank(70L) for new model Ford Ranger 2015 and up FR70H

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Our newest standard model to our vast range is the NEW model Ford Ranger Hanging Bladder. Similar to the standard universal bladders, this hanging bladder features specifically positioned fitting locations and openings to mould to the best shape and reach its maximum capacity. With the new models, unfortunately these no longer have points to secure to natively, although with some moving of bolts and a bit of elbow grease this is no longer an issue. Using the existing child restraint screw and bolts, the mounting strips (included with the bladder) are connected to this by removing the nut, adding 2 of these mounts and re-tightening of the nut down. This means installation of the bladder requires no alteration to the build of the vehicle.

With our new Ranger bladder, have 70 Litres of clean drinking water at your in what would normally be empty space.

The 70 Litre Hanging Bladder comes in our standard 900GSM Grey Material and fitting placement can be changed upon request.


Material :
900gsm reinforced PVC potable grey  material Standards: ASNZ 4020


Package Includes:
1x 70 Litre Hanging Bladder
1x Standard Inlet Hose Kit (1”)
1x Standard Outlet Hose Kit (1/2”)
1x Standard Breather Hose Kit (1/2”)

4x Metal Securing Strips
4x Mounting Screws from bladder to strips

1x Teflon Tape
3x Repair Patches
1x Instruction sheet.


Capacity : 70L


Dimestions : (1450Lx600Hx200Pendulum)mm


Weld types : 25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds.


Warranty : 2 year

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We can customize your products for a small charge however we offer free inlet and outlet placement to your specification or need at no additional charge. Standard fittings are included in the displayed price, however, we can change fitting sizes for the cost of the fitting no additional labour charge. 

Why you should buy this bladder tank:

  1. The Box model tanks we provide have rounded corners, so there is NO possibility for corner damage as caused by pointed edges in pillow type tanks.
  2. We use raw materials from local suppliers that comply with Australian standards.
  3. No matter what shape your storage requirements, we can design bladder tanks to fit your space, in order to achieve maximum capacity.
  4. Fast, easy and low cost installation.
  5. 2 years replacement warranty (conditions apply).

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