Hanging type water bladder 110L – DW110H

Hanging type water bladder 110L – DW110H

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The DW 110 H is the largest standard Hanging tank designed to fit Hilux Models prior to 2005.
This model has a potential larger capacity than listed but is purely governed by the space in which it is situated. Like our other hanging tank models it now comes standard with a 1” inlet as well as the 13mm outlet/inlet and the 13mm breather.

This model can also be used across the back roll bar of a tray with additional tie downs located low on the pendulum (optional).
This bladder gives you the water range to go further.

Fleximake prides itself on producing products that are relevant for our customer as with all our bladder tanks, fitting positions can be moved based on requirements as well as added upon request.

The 110 Litre Hanging Bladder comes in our standard 900GSM Grey Material and fitting placement can be changed upon request at no additional charge.


Material :

900gsm reinforced PVC potable grey material Standards: ASNZ 4020

Standard Fittings :

13mm inlet/ outlet and 13mm breather and 25mm inlet.

Capacity :


Dimestions :

(1450L x 700H x 250Pendulum)mm

Accessories :

3 hose kits with right angle fittings tap and cap, 3 patches.

Weld types :

25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds.

warranty :

2 year

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We can customize your products for a small charge however we offer free inlet and outlet placement to your specification or need at no additional charge. Standard fittings are included in the displayed price, however, we can change fitting sizes for the cost of the fitting no additional labour charge. 

Why you should buy this bladder tank:

  1. The Box model tanks we provide have rounded corners, so there is NO possibility for corner damage as caused by pointed edges in pillow type tanks.
  2. We use raw materials from local suppliers that comply with Australian standards.
  3. No matter what shape your storage requirements, we can design bladder tanks to fit your space, in order to achieve maximum capacity.
  4. Fast, easy and low cost installation.
  5. 2 years replacement warranty (conditions apply).



  • Pillow
  • Pillow
  • Pillow
  • Pillow
  • Box
  • Box
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  • Box
  • Box
  • Box
  • Box Console
  • Box Hump
  • Box Wheel
  • Hanging
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  • Hanging


  • 40 L
  • 60 L
  • 80 L
  • 100 L
  • 60 L
  • 100 L
  • 110 L
  • 140 L
  • 150 L
  • 200 L
  • 105 L
  • 125 L
  • 280 L
  • 60 L
  • 85 L
  • 110 L


  • 1400(L) 330(W) 160 Max(H) mm
  • 1400(L) 410(W) 160 Max(H) mm
  • 1400(L) 500(W) 200 Max(H) mm
  • 1400(L) 600(W) 200 Max(H) mm
  • 620(L) 300(W) 300(H) mm
  • 1350(L) 300(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 300(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1350(L) 450(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 475(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1350(L) 685(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 300(W) 250(H) mm
  • 1400(L) 300(W) 300(H) mm
  • 1500(L) 400(W) 500(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 200(W) 500(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 200(W) 600(H) mm
  • 1450(L) 200(W) 700(H) mm
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