Cargo Barrier Hanging water bladder tank(70 Ltrs) DW70CBH

Cargo Barrier Hanging water bladder tank(70 Ltrs) DW70CBH

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The 70 Litre CB Hanging bladders are modified from our standard hanging bladders to compensate for those spaces impeded by wheel arches, this would be suited most in Toyota Prado’s where the space is slightly smaller. This hanging bladder is specifically shaped and designed to compensate for this sort of space. It includes a more tapered bottom corner shape so it is able to mould to the shape of the space better and avoid any sort of excess material drooping or bulging over the space. In addition to this, the outlet fitting is also re positioned (from the standard) corner of the bladder to the front face, this so that the fitting is not resting onto the fitting and putting weight on this that may cause premature wear.

Material :
900gsm reinforced PVC potable grey material Standards: ASNZ 4020

Package Includes:
1x 70 Litre Hanging Bladder
1x Standard Inlet Hose Kit (1”)
1x Standard Outlet Hose Kit (1/2”)
1x Standard Breather Hose Kit (1/2”)
7x Cable Ties for Securing
1x Teflon Tape
3x Repair Patches
1x Instruction sheet

Capacity : 70L

Dimestions : (1350Lx700Hx200Pendulum)mm

Weld types : 25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds.

Warranty : 2 years

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We can customize your products for a small charge however we offer free inlet and outlet placement to your specification or need at no additional charge. Standard fittings are included in the displayed price, however, we can change fitting sizes for the cost of the fitting no additional labour charge. 

Why you should buy this bladder tank:

  1. The Box model tanks we provide have rounded corners, so there is NO possibility for corner damage as caused by pointed edges in pillow type tanks.
  2. We use raw materials from local suppliers that comply with Australian standards.
  3. No matter what shape your storage requirements, we can design bladder tanks to fit your space, in order to achieve maximum capacity.
  4. Fast, easy and low cost installation.
  5. 2 years replacement warranty (conditions apply).


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