Box type water bladder 110L – DW110B

Box type water bladder 110L – DW110B

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The 110 Litre bladder has been designed to maximise water storage capacity in medium to larger 4×4’s with a standard rear seat foot well. We have extended the length of the bladder and changed the location of the outlet and added a 90 degree elbow for directional control. The 110L is our most popular model for land cruisers from 60 series through 75, 80, 100 and now 200 series. This model is very popular with Nissan Patrol owners from GQ models on. The 110 is good also for Navarra, Prado and Fj Cruiser models.

The 110L model is great for adaption to shower kits and pumps. Fitting placement can be changed on request. We can also add 1” fittings upon request for additional filling options.


Material :

900gsm reinforced PVC potable grey material Standards: ASNZ 4020

Standard Fittings :

13mm inlet/ outlet and 13mm breather.

Capacity :


Dimestions :


Accessories :

2 hose kits with right angle fittings tap and cap, 3 patches.

Weld types :

25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds.

warranty :

2 year

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