NISSAN GU Patrol (1997-2004) 40L Rear Qtr Panel Water Bladder

NISSAN GU Patrol (1997-2004) 40L Rear Qtr Panel Water Bladder

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Own a Landcruiser or a Patrol? When camping, ever think to yourself “My Cargo area is so full, but I need some extra water storage, what can I do?”

Wonder no more, Fleximake has the perfect solution for you and your water storage woes.

We have designed a perfect bladder to fit inside the rear quarter panel of the NISSAN GU Patrol (1997-2004). This bladder takes on the standard design of our hanging bladders, but is manufactured to the shape to fit the empty space on the passenger side comfortably and snuggly, it connects up to existing threaded holes inside the rear quarter panel using included nuts and bolts and once connected the plastic shroud can be placed back onto the panel. Fittings can be plumbed through existing openings within the shroud or can be custom plumbed at specific points you require. This hidden bladder is able to hold an approximate capacity of 40 Liters, perfect when you need a quick drink when out bush, or to hold you up before the next water refill.

Standard fittings that come with this bladder are 2x ½” BSP Threaded Fitting with Tap/Valve Hose Kit and a Breather Hose Kit. These hose kits can be plumbed directly into the plastic cover, or the hoses routed into existing holes in the plastic cover.

**Suited for the Passenger side panel (can customise)** 

**Fitting position changes can be done upon request** 


Material : 900GSM Food Grade Reinforced PVC (AS 4020 Certified), Dark Grey Colour

Standard Fittings : 1x 13mm Skin fittings and cap (Breather)/ 1x 13mm Skin fittings and hose kit (Inlet/Outlet)

Capacity : 40L

Weld types : 25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds

Warranty : 2 years

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