Extra Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Water Bladder 40L – DW40BLP – Potable TPU

Extra Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Water Bladder 40L – DW40BLP – Potable TPU



This is our NEW Outback Series 40 Litre Low-Profile (Pillow Type) Bladder.

The 40 Litre Low-profile tank is our smallest standard bladder we produce. It is designed for smaller weekend camping trips or afternoons at the beach where you may need a quick rinse before heading home.

The 40 litre portable water tank is designed to be filled using a hose connected to mains or gravity fed systems. This unique inlet and outlet system is designed to prevent the interior of your vehicle from getting wet.

The 40 Litre comes with a breather to allow the air to escape during filling however does not need to be used whilst in use.

We can customize all our products as you require. Fitting replacement can be done upon request. We can also add/ change the existing fittings as you require.

PLEASE NOTE there will be a small surcharge for any adjustments done to the standard product. This may include the cost of fittings/ materials and/or labour. 


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 10 cm

DW40BLP (TPU), DW40BLP (TPU) + 12V Pump, DW40BLP (TPU) + 12V Pump + 5m Hose, DW40BLP (TPU) + 12V High Flow Pump + 5m Hose

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Material :

1000GSM Potable TPU Material (Australian Made) – Light Blue Colour

Standards: ASNZ 4020

Please also note, with all our drinking water bladders, the taste is preferential and there are many factors that subject to taste. However, all our drinking water bladders are tested up to Australian Standards for plastics with use for human consumption. So, we can guarantee that there are no toxicity present.

Standard fittings:

13mm inlet/outlet and 13mm breather

Capacity :


Dimensions :


Accessories :

2 hose kits with right angle fittings tap and cap, 1 self adhesive repair patch.

Weld Types :

25mm HF, Hot-air over lap welds.

Warranty :

2 year

For the 12V water pump specifications, please visit the link below; 

12V DC High Pressure Water Pump for Water Bladders with Auto On/ Off

For the 12V DC high flow transfer pump specifications, please visit the link below; 

12V DC High Flow Transfer Pump for Water Bladders

Fleximake’s standard range of drinking water bladders are manufactured out of a food grade compliant ASNZ 4020 PVC Material. This material is rated at 900gsm so it’s well suited to general use and camping/fishing trips.

For serious off-road applications where the terrain and conditions become more extreme, we recommend stepping up to the superior TPU material. TPU is a more robust PVC material and is rated at 1200gsm providing greater resistance to general wear and tear. Whilst it is a little more expensive the investment will see many years of service in the toughest of conditions and any model from our standard range can be upgraded and manufactured out of TPU.

The concept of the flexible bladder is to be able to carry or transport water in otherwise wasted spaces within a vehicle boat of trailer without intruding into the general cargo area. If you cannot find one of our standard bladders to suit your needs we also manufacture for custom applications.